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TURN UP, it’s the first step. 

The purpose of creating “Turn up” has been to share Josh’s story about fighting Testicular Cancer.


Josh wants to share how his toughest days, taught him how to live his best life.


Turn up wants to bring awareness to appreciating your health, how important it is not just to be aware of your mental health, but also your physical health and to get regular health checkups.

 In life we will always face challenges. By persevering through these challenges, you can unlock the best values within and create resilience and character. 


Turn up wants to show others that we all have the power to inspire others. 

We all have what it takes to achieve our dreams.


Sometimes life throws challenges at you, sometimes you have to stop appreciate the little things. Remind yourself tomorrow is a new day and a beautiful gift to try it all again.

 If you persevere and stay positive, the tough times will give in. 


For Josh, he had a saying, the biggest of storms run out of rain.

At turn up, he wants to share his story with the world about how turning up, showing self-drive, having empathy and relentless optimism, you can weather the toughest of storms and become the best version of you, no matter what the circumstances. 


“The first step is to, Turn Up”.

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